Eastern PA MedCom provides cohesive single point of contact First Responder communications between 911 and transport  ambulances and regional hospitals within the Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Services Region, as a service to the community. 
This includes:
  • Physician based Medical Command and hospital relay advisory for ALS, BLS and non-emergency transport agencies:
    • UHF/VHF radio patching
    • Telephone communications and patching with all hospitals from any location worldwide
    • Redundant Medical Command options
    • HIPAA compliant recording and storage of all conversations for QA and research
  • Mass Casualty Communication coordination
    • Public safety inter-agency communications
    • Hospital asset and bed coordination
    • AeroMedical dispatch
    • NIMS Communication Officer
  • Regional Hospital Divert Status
  • On Scene telecommunications mobile unit
  • Air Ambulance routing and dispatch

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