Our Products and Services

Since 1989, MedCom is a trusted and reliable aggregation and control point for public safety and healthcare communications.

We seamlessly interconnect with Public Safety Access Points (911 Centers), State and Local Government public safety and emergency systems, as well as private sector hospitals, ambulance services and other healthcare facilities.


From our heroic First Responder's handheld device ... to absolutely anywhere - that's what MedCom provides every second of every day for over 30 years.


Call us to learn how we can help you:


  • Provide coordinated central answering, scheduling and dispatch for any healthcare facility that needs to move non-emergency patients from one location to another safely and cost effectively.
  • Create a centralized EMS "Medical Command" system with full e-vault recording, QA and protocol deviation oversight.
  • Assist with government emergency radio systems, and PSAP / 911 center emergency backup and overflow.
  • Outsourced dispatching of AeroMedical resources in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Tower space for your equipment within our region.
  • Create a one-button system to link your radio systems together for centralized communication control, including RF, telephony, 5G, and IP based systems.
  • Provide design assistance to build your own matrix-based environment through our professional consulting services.
We are agile and talented experts and can often offer alternative ideas based on our three decades of experience. Contact us today at 800-782-2409 or email [email protected]
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