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MedCom recently lost the majority of our funding and therefore must announce that we will end all our services by October 31, 2022. Certain services may end before that time4 as we do the best we can under the circumstances.
MedCom was created over 30 years ago by the Eastern PA EMS Council, the regional hospitals, and other stakeholders such as the 911 centers, to be a neutral, unbiased, and reliable source of communications and public safety coordination for the Eastern PA EMS region's emergency services and providers.

Those stakeholders decided to stop funding MedCom with very little notice. The final stakeholder, Lehigh Valley Health Network, ended its funding this month in favor of operating their own proprietary network, just as St Luke's attempted a few years ago.

The decisions of the hospital networks to stop funding fractured MedCom's mission and purpose, and as a result, we have no money and therefore have no choice but to end our services.

We know you, the EMS providers and first responders, will be affected by this unfortunate action.

WE ASK THAT YOU immediately begin using alternative methods of communication to get hospital status, medical command, and relay.

PLEASE SEEK ADVICE on those alternatives by contacting the Eastern PA EMS Council or the hospital liaisons. MedCom has no information to share on these alternatives.

THE 911 CENTERS may also help you communicate with the facilities as an alternative to MedCom, and you must rely on them to coordinate any MCI responses, aeromedical flights or special teams dispatches.

The staff and leadership of MedCom are genuinely disappointed, and we have tried our best to convey the problems this will create for our respected EMS community. All those efforts failed.

If you would like to know more, I attached the letter sent today to the stakeholders and a link to a webinar held over a month ago that explained the issues we have been facing in detail.

All of us at MedCom are very sorry that it has come to this. Every one of us has dedicated our skills and talent to public safety – with many of the team here working side-by-side with you in the field. We have great respect for the EMS community and the system in which we work.

As we sign off, we wish all of you to remain safe and well.
Q: Why did this happen so suddenly?
A: We only got notice a little over a month ago, and our management has been trying to work with the large hospitals ever since. We are also very concerned with the short notice.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Unfortunately, this was in the hands of the large hospital systems, and they made the decision to stop funding MedCom.

Q: What are my alternatives to MedCom?
A: We do not know the alternatives. You can call the Eastern PA EMS Council at (610) 820-9212, or contact the hospitals for more information. You can use your 911 center to patching as well.

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