About MedCom

Eastern PA MedCom, Inc. is a HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Public Safety Operational Center, which owns and operates a highly redundant, resilient, multi-million dollar RF, telephony and IP based communications network. MedCom was commissioned in 1989.

We are professionally staffed 24 hours a day - 7 days a week by trained EMD certified communication specialists. Our team can handle communication coordination and real-time asset planning during public safety MCI events, as well as dispatch and scheduling of routine health care transports.

At MedCom, we uncomplicate events and increase the safety and effectiveness of all involved.

Through our modern and sophisticated Audio Matrix capabilities, tightly coupled with our professional staff, we are able to connect together disparate communications technologies and control the input and output functions in a safe, secure and reliable fashion. We do this for many types of organizations that relay on voice communications to work effectively. What this means is you don't have to worry about switching channels, or remembering multiple phone numbers or using local patches - MedCom does that all for you and backs you up with redundancy, auditing and permanent recording and e-vaulting of the data.


MedCom is able to provide our services to both private and public sectors, and in many cases, worldwide. However, our RF based radio network is contained within the Eastern PA region north of Philadelphia, east of Harrisburg, south of New York state and west of the New Jersey Pennsylvania border. Within that geographical area, we own and operate microwave and VHF/UHF radio base stations at numerous tower locations. All of the communications are controlled by our centralized Operations Center. If you have any needs for RF communications or links within this area, please call us to discuss your requirements.