Eastern PA Medcom provides expedient Advanced Life Support (ALS) Communications between ground support ambulances and regional hospitals within the Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Services Region. All sixteen Hospitals within the Eastern PA Region are linked to the Eastern PA MedCom Communications Center. 
Eastern Pa MedCom provides:
  • Medical Command to both ALS and Basic Life Support (BLS) agencies:
    • UHF Radio
    • Telephone Communications with hospitals  
    • ALS Medical Relay Reports - patient report to receiving hospital
Other duties performed by the MedCom, Inc. Communication Specialist include: Air Ambulance Routing and Coordination. Regional Hospital Divert Status. Outreach Educational Opportunities. Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Coordination and reporting. Robust CAD and Paging System, capable of notifying pre-hospital providers with incident types and locations, as well as updated status changes and organizational movements. Digital recording and electronic disbursement of all radio and telephone transmissions, available to your organization within a 24 hour period, upon request. Special Operations Dispatching.